Fleeing to Allah: The Salaf and the Journey of Inner Growth By Umar Quinn

Fleeing to Allah: The Salaf and the Journey of Inner Growth By Umar Quinn

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Compiled By Umar Quinn 

Publisher: Thaqafa Press


The science of the spiritual journey in Islam (‘ilm al-sulūk) is commonly called by many names, such as: steadfastness (al istiqāmah), servitude (al ‘ubūdiyyah), asceticism (al-zuhd), self-purification (tazkiyyah al-nafs), and character reformation (tahdhīb al akhlāq). It is the migration of the soul to Allah and the Hereafter upon the path of the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him). It is the study of the states of the heart and their effects on behavior.

Undoubtedly, the pious predecessors (al-Salaf al-Sālih) and those who followed them in goodness were upon the wisest, most knowledgeable, and safest way in their approach to the spiritual journey in both knowledge and action. This volume is a primer on the subject, highlighting the preliminaries of this subject such as its source materials, its connection to the ‘Aqīdah of the Salaf, the stations of the spiritual path and its hazards.

Some of the greatest hazards and pitfalls for those embarking upon the spiritual journey are found in the Sufi approach to the subject. Because so many Muslims confuse self-purification with Sufism, this volume explains the grave dangers of the Sufi way.

The righteous predecessors took the approach of striving diligently with one’s heart while maintaining moderation in bodily worship — in other words, they assigned greater priority to quality over quantity. When the heart come to life in such a fashion, the believer enjoys happiness and is blessed with great resilience.

In this inhumane modern era, in which people are searching for meaning and identity, this collection of classical scholarly advices serves as a timely remedy for what ails humankind.